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The Importance of Winter Drain Cleaning: Avoiding Plainfield, IL Cold-Weather Plumbing Issues

By January 16, 2024May 2nd, 2024No Comments
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How winter-ready is your home in Plainfield, IL?

If you’ve had your home heating system tuned up recently, great! Especially since experts forecast the village will experience winter storms.

But what about your drain and sewer system? Have you had it inspected and cleaned? Because if not, there’s no better time than now to schedule it for professional drain services.

But what is the importance of drain inspection and cleaning services during winter? What cold-weather plumbing issues can they help prevent, anyway?

This guide explains the most crucial things you need to know about these plumbing services and their benefits, so read on. 

Keep Your Drain Pipes Free of Clogs

People typically cook more during winter, considering it’s the festive holiday season. But as fun as it is to cook during the holidays, this can lead to an overtaxed drain and sewer system. A primary culprit behind this is cookware and dining ware covered in FOG (fats, oil, and grease).

From Liquids to Solids

While fats, oil, and grease are liquid when hot, they congeal or turn jelly-like as they cool down. Some types can even become solid at room temperature.

So, if FOG makes its way down your drains, it won’t take long to harden and become a big, clog-causing blob. This can happen way faster during Plainfield’s below-zero winter temperatures. 

How FOG Can Wreak Havoc to Your Drains

As fats, oil, and grease solidify inside your drain pipes, they begin to form a clog. The more FOG that hardens and the longer this happens, the narrower your pipes’ openings become. This restricts wastewater flow from your home to the municipal sewer line.

When that happens, your drains may take much longer to channel wastewater out of your home. They may also produce weird bubbling or gurgling sounds and emit foul odors. Moreover, you may notice these symptoms in multiple drains and toilets. 

Drain Inspection and Cleaning to the Rescue

Don’t wait until you experience the symptoms of drain woes before calling a professional plumber. Instead, schedule a drain inspection and cleaning service ASAP, especially if you haven’t done either in years.

A video drain inspection can reveal if you have clogs in your drains and where they are. This helps the plumber complete a thorough cleaning service.

A video inspection also lets you determine the state of your drainage system from within. For instance, it can reveal interior damages, such as corrosion, cracks, or dislocated joints. If so, you can have the professional repair them ASAP before they worsen. 

Prevent Frozen Drains

Frozen water pipes are common reasons Plainfield homeowners call emergency plumbing services. However, freezing doesn’t just happen to water supply lines; it can also occur in drain pipes.

One way that can happen is if there’s a clog in a drain pipe restricting the path of the wastewater. In this case, some fluids may remain in the pipe, where they can freeze when the temperature drops. Them turning into ice can further restrict the pipe’s narrow interior opening.

So, before that happens, schedule your drainage system for inspection and cleaning. Please don’t wait for the next winter storm to hit. 

Protect Your Pipes From Bursting

Another reason to have a pro inspect and clean your drains is to prevent frozen pipes from bursting.

When fluids that should have left your drain pipes freeze, they become ice that expands. The more wastewater that freezes, the bigger the ice can get. Ultimately, it can become so big it strains the pipes from within, causing it to crack and burst. 

That’s among the worst things that can happen, as a burst drain pipe can lead to the following problems. 

Release of Wastewater Into Your Home

You don’t want wastewater in your home because, at the very least, it’s filthy and smells horrendous. Worse, it’s full of pathogens. These microorganisms can cause infections of the eyes, nose, skin, and gastrointestinal system. 

Water and Mold Damage

Flooding from a burst drain pipe can also result in costly water damage. From there, water-damaged components and materials can promote mold growth.

Molds grow fast, so experts recommend drying water-damaged items within 24 to 48 hours. According to them, this can help keep mold growth at bay.

Molds don’t only look unpleasant; they can also cause adverse health effects. For example, they can irritate the eyes, skin, and nose. People with allergies and asthma are especially at risk.

All that should be a good enough reason to have your drains serviced ASAP. This way, you can reduce your risks of facing such plumbing emergencies and disasters. 

Minimize Risks of Wastewater Backups

Even if frozen or clogged drains don’t burst, they can still cause similar flooding problems. For instance, they can lead to wastewater backups.

Wastewater backups occur when a clog gets so bad it almost or entirely blocks the pipe from within. So, wastewater has nowhere else to go except where it came from. As a result, this filthy water can seep out of sinks, toilets, tubs, and floor drains.

From there, wastewater backing out of your drains can lead to the same issues and dangers as a burst drain pipe.

All that makes knowing when to get your drains cleaned a top priority.

It’s best not to wait to experience the above mentioned symptoms of a clogged drain before calling a pro. Instead, you should ideally have your drains serviced once a year, during fall or winter. This proactive approach can help you keep problems from occurring in the first place. 

Invest in Top-Quality Drain Services Today

Drain services, including inspections and cleaning, can help keep your pipes in top condition. And since drains are a must for sanitation, their working properly also contributes to your family’s health and safety.

So, if you haven’t had your drains serviced for a long time, now’s the time to do so.

Our licensed plumbers here at Leto Plumbing and Heating can help. We proudly service Plainfield and the Chicagoland area and have been doing so for over 20 years.

So, call us today to get a free quote or schedule your service!